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Amy on Enjoying Springtime
What cute boys! I love this picture! You are great! :)

flyingwind风飞扬 on Enjoying Springtime
nIce green, nice flowers and nice work on everything!

Curly on Daffodils in Blacksburg
Great setting for a great smile!

corpusmind on Big Sister
So cute !

Curly on The Teenager
A fine portrait, you obviously find it easy to build a rapport with your sitters.

Jhon on Cuddle Bugs
So candid, so natural. Love it!

tsenwei on Cuddle Bugs
very very.....VERY nice portrait. 10/10

cassiel on The Road to Fall
Nice shot, the composition is beauty and the color tones are great

adalove on Sinkland Farms, VA
Very nice shot. It´s really amazing that brilliant orange. Models are great! : )

flyingwind风飞扬 on Sinkland Farms, VA
Great golden harvest! I like this natural living!

flyingwind风飞扬 on Self-Portrait
Stunning portrait! Very impressive with the belt! Love it!

Ginger Norris on Virginia Fall
Beautiful! Fall is my favorite season of the year.

Curly on THe Rolling Hills of Virginia Fall
Nice composition and colours, remarkably shallow DOF for f11.

Michael on Virginia Fall
Very dream-like. Great red color.

Christy Pace on Virginia Fall
Beautiful!! (Miss ya'll)

Orely on Virginia Fall
looks like a dream i love the colors and the blur a nice vision of the season. i like your shot a lot have a nice ...

Curly on VT Homecoming Parade-Hokie Pokie
This is a better parade picture, it has an original viewpoint and conveys the movement better. Good shot.

Curly on VT Homecoming Parade-Corps of Cadets
I always have time for events such as these. You have recorded it very well.

Lisa Weathers on Adelyn in Spring
Looks just like her mama! beautiful!

dawn on Happy Birthday Adelyn!
does she still sleep with her baby..hannah still has nonnie... :-) we missed her birthday, we will call tonight.

Jeff Noble on Picked by God
Wow... How blessed we've been. Happy birthday, Adelyn!

Shahryar on VT Duck Pond
nice shot ,good capture :)

Rags on VT Duck Pond
Wow, how lovely.

Joanne on Quiet Waters
Beautiful! Is that in Virginia?

Joanne on Green Leaf
Looks like the deciduous redwood we bought in Virginia, then planted in Missouri 2 years ago. The needles are so very ...

Shahryar on Picked by God
so beautiful ,nice shot :)

lucid on Happy Birthday Adelyn!
Very sweet photo! The lighting makes her look like the angel I'm sure she is!

Judy on Happy Birthday Adelyn!
How adorable ... Happy Birthday from Florida! ♥

Victor Lamela on Joy
Me encanta, es una foto 10¡¡¡

Sarito on Joy
beautiful smile...

Nan on Love Not Hidden
Carolyn, I love this image! You make me proud (and a little jealous)

Dawn Bayer on Fly Off
Great capture and composition! : )

Kristy on Polka Dotted Love
so cute! makes me jealous wishing i was there for a photo of my three together...

Sarito on Levels of Love
What a beautiful photo.. excellent portrait and yes it certainly gives me the message of love.

Kristy on Young at Heart
so true, he is young at heart and radiates the joy of the Lord... thanks for featuring these!!!

Brandy on The One that Got Away
She's still talking about that... and even though she didn't actually see the fish, she knows how big it was. ...

Reza on Young at Heart
well done

Kristy on A Mother's Arm
great shot! i love that baby's hair...very sweet.

Bill Jennings on The One that Got Away
but it doesn't matter, as she spend the day fishing. A day fishing doesn't count in your tally of days. ...

Brandy on Baiting is the Hardest Part

Carol on Baiting is the Hardest Part
Clever title.......

Brandy on In His Arms
I'm crying! Crocodile tears.

Judy on In His Arms
This is an absolutely charming and meaningful image, especially with Isaiah 40:11 for text! 5 stars from me!

Summer on People Are Strange
That was the funnest dance I've EVER preformed!!!!

Bill Jennings on In His Arms
very touching. color and angle very special. well done

Carol on Dance, Dance, Dance
Nice shot! She looks so old!! What is this? Jazz?

Susan on Love Not Hidden
Very cute shot of these girls....Sisters, I presume?

Sarito on Hearts Free
This is so beautiful.. you clicked at the right moment! They seems to have fun :).

Lori M on Farmer's Market Little Rock
This inspires me to make it up there! I keep meaning to. Soon!

Chris on Waiting and Wonder
I love the lighting in this - really peaceful. Our cat does the same thing - watches the bird feeder and wishes for a ...

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